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We know and understand the roadblocks & pain points of bringing a product to market. Our talented teams specialize in bypassing these challenges. From getting eyes on your products in the biggest retailers in the world to sourcing and manufacturing products, our agile teams have the knowledge and experience to deal with all facets of the product lifecycle. We provide a full-service approach, with the ability to receive products directly from factories, allowing us to establish new retailers and manage inventory more efficiently.

Trouble getting your product displayed and set up with retailers?

Our talented sales team has experience setting up products with the biggest online and physical retailers, providing our vendor's full retail presence.

Problems sourcing product?

Our skilled team overseas are sourcing specialists and have built relationships with factories to get the job done right the first time. They work hand-in-hand with our design team to turn your product idea into a reality.

Overwhelmed by shipping?

Operating out of a 58,000 sq foot facility, we have the space and capabilities to ship all sizes of products, with experience shipping oversized & overweight products. We have the experience and knowledge to efficiently distribute your product. 

Online Sales

Online Sales

Achieve Full Retail Presence


      Even the best product can struggle without proper visibility. Achieving both an online & physical retail presence is critical, getting eyes on your products where and how your customers' shop. We have experience working with the largest retailers on both fronts, from Walmart & Amazon to regional retailers focused on serving their communities.


      While visibility is crucial, so is presenting your product in a compelling fashion. This requires attention to detail throughout the whole process. From setting up your product in trending categories and identifying keywords that help potential customers find your product, to curating photos & text that tells your product's story. We create digital assets that are both intriguing and effective at sharing what makes your product or brand special.


A+ Content

Stand out from the competition and showcase your product with custom content tailored to your brand. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) allows you to supplement your product listing with attention-grabbing content, increasing customer engagement & improving your conversion rate. We work with your team to understand your brand's values & personality, to create on-brand messaging & content that's relevant to your product, including:




Since our launch in 2012, distribution has been at the core of Straight Forward Sales. We provide full-service distribution to both national and independent retailers across North America and have the expertise to meet your needs. We offer hands-on focus with every product we carry and are experts at navigating the distribution process. Operating out of a 58,000 sq ft warehouse we have the capabilities and skills to ship products of all shapes and sizes, with experience distributing oversized & overweight products.

Factory to Storefront

Full-service distribution - From factory to Storefront. Faster.


We unload, pick, pack & ship your orders for you


Our team specializes in bringing vendors into the Candian market, navigating requirements and regulations to get the job done right. The first time.

Canadian Market


We have the capabilities and skill to meet your needs, wherever they happen to be.


Worldwide Shipping

Our end-to-end distribution model provides us greater control over the whole process, allowing us to adapt to changes easily and maintain a high level of service. This enables our team to get your products to retailers more efficiently as well as being able to provide updates & articulate up-to-date timelines to both vendor & retailer.

Full-Service Model


Receive Orders from Overseas

We receive containers straight from overseas factories to our facility, streamlining the process.

Picking & Prepping Orders

Organizing, picking, & wrapping our orders in-house ensures we get the job done right the first time, and that all products get to their destination safely.

Unload, Sort & Store

Our warehouse team unloads, sorts & stores orders in our 58,000 sq ft facility, allowing us to handle large quantities as well as hold inventory until it's ready to be distributed.

Direct Shipping

We offer direct shipping to stores, distributions centers & customers, with experience meeting retailers requirements & timelines.



Have an idea? 

The ability to manufacture products sets us apart and provides us greater control to deliver the perfect product. We established ourselves in the industry manufacturing consumer electronics and have built up the capabilities to handle a wide variety of needs. Our skilled sourcing team gives us an overseas presence, allowing us to stay more informed on the manufacturing process and adapt to changes and requests with ease. They work directly with our in-house product development team to take your product from ideation to reality.


Box Art/Design

First impressions matter. Make it count with product packaging that stands out. Whether it's choosing materials and colours that reflect your product or creating custom inserts and infographics, our designers understand the importance of creating compelling artwork & designs that match your brand identity and convert customers. 

From custom packaging solutions to striking graphics, we have the capability to match your needs, including:

  • Box Design/Materials

  • Artwork

  • Graphics

  • Copywriting

  • Custom Inserts

Product Design & Development

We specialize in streamlining the development process to bring products to market quicker. Leveraging our product development team, designers, and sourcing team, we can adapt to production changes quicker and have direct contact with the factory. These relationships are particularly powerful when modifying existing products, where we have the expertise and contacts to adjust colours, materials, and design elements efficiently. 

  • Full-service product design capabilities

  • Product Renders

  • Direct contact with factories

  • In-house product development team

  • 9 years of experience in the industry

Product Sourcing

Our talented sourcing team takes product ideas to reality, faster. Working hand-in-hand with our product design team to get your product right the first time. Years of experience sourcing consumer electronics has allowed us to build relationships with multiple factories as well as various industry representatives.

​This knowledge and experience enable us to more effectively:

  • Enter new industries and build new relationships faster

  • Manage production changes & issues

  • Provide pricing & timelines

  • Meet localization & translations requirements


Quality Control

We understand the desire to control all aspects of your brand and know the disappointment of receiving an underwhelming product. We strive to provide high-quality service in everything we do, the manufacturing process is no different. We use third-party testing and certifications to ensure product quality remains the priority. Additionally, we complete quality tests, where a representative of ours visits the factory to test overall quality, including drop tests and printing accuracy.

Experience producing products to certification specifications, including:

  • FCC 

  • UL

  • Mfi


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